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Pankaj Group has moved up the value chain as one of the most prestigious names in the steel industry and has won many accolades for its rigorous quality standards and for more than a decade has been serving the steel industry as an external processing agency for a few primary producers in the trade.

Modern infrastructure and facilities coupled with a stringent quality control help Pankaj Group to produce high-grade TMT bars in strict compliance. Using this all round expertise in the production of quality TMT Bars. This unit will roll out high quality Fe 500 TMT bars, the first of its kind in Chhattisgarh. Made from best quality prime billets, these bam will be a unique choice for general purpose concrete reinforcement structures, bridges and flyovers, dams, thermal and power plants, industrial structures, high-rise buildings, and other superstructure based needs. TMT bars are available in grades of Fe415 and Fe500 in size range of 8 to 40mm at the retail/distribution network across Chhattisgarh.

Size Range: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 28 & 32 mm TMT.

TMT bars are produced in state-of-the-art plants under close supervision of our frontline metallurgists and engineers. The raw materials used are made from virgin iron ores through Furnace-Basic Steel Making Second-ary Refining-Billet Casting route with lowest amount of impurities and rolled to perfection.

Why Sagar TMT is Better than others ?
Sagar TMT Others
It has more tensile strength then it's standard so the construction is more stronger. It has less tensile strength so the
grip on construction is very low period.
SAGAR TMT has maximum deterioration rate because of its standard chemical composition. Simple TMT/Tor has a high deterioration rate so the grip on construction is generally decreasing day by day.
Customer gets better quality in low cost. Simple TMT/Tor are sub standard quality,
that is why available at low rate but due to weak  construction it proves costly.
As per ISI standard every TMT bar has a fixed weight & Equal tensile strength Irregular weight always
Complete chemical testing of raw material & TMT Bars. Ordinary tested
Produced by Automatic Plant Produced by Small & Manual Plant.